Friday, August 26, 2016

Frivolous Friday: The one with the pumpkin tart because it felt like autumn

 Yep.  This Happened #1:

I caught a wiff of Autumn this week.  Well kinda.  I was in my home office retouching portraits (as Rihanna would put it- werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.) When I noticed I was freezing.

 [I'll note that this was due to my husband ALWAYS setting the air conditioner too cold for me...]

but at the very instant I was freezing I somehow also suddenly had a craving for pumpkin pie.

Just like that - zap and I was dreaming of pumpkin!    Luckily for me, I had a can of pumpkin on hand and did a little google search for a healthy recipe.  45 minutes later I was eating this.

YUM-O!  Individual pumpkin tarts at only 100 calories each!   I'll post the recipe in the comments below because you have got to try them!  Here's to autumn no matter how it happens....[and why do husbands always like the house to be FREEZING anyway?]

Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try:

Yep.  This happened #2:  Was walking at Balboa Park and spotted a mommy and baby duck!  Shouldn't he have been born in the spring?   Anyway - ADORBS!

Yep.  This happened #3.   We had a nice time watching our electric meter RUN BACKWARDS as
SDG & E was buying electricity from us!   

Feeling just a teeny bit smug about saving the earth, one solar panel at a time...
....well, that, and no electric bills....

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jen and Andrew Europe Village Winery San Diego, Temecula Wine Country Wedding and Engagement Photographer

The sun was shining and the grapes were glowing as we arrived at Europa Village Winery
for Jen and Andrew's glorious wedding day!

The bride and groom got ready at the Inn At Europa so they were close to all the 
beautiful vineyards and amazing architecture oEuropa Village Winery

They said their "I do's" at St Martha's Catholic Church in Murrietta

And then we zipped back to Europa Village Winery for the reception and some Romantic Portraits!

Their reception decor was so beautiful with lush flowers in shades of purple and white...

My greatest joy is to be asked to capture a couple's love story from Engagement to Wedding day.  
I'm based in San Diego, but would love to travel to your wedding!

Please VISIT MY WEBSITE for more wedding information 
EMAIL ME with questions about my custom wedding collections or to schedule a meeting

Years from now, all that will remain of your special day is your photographs, so choosing your photographer is one of your most important wedding day decisions.

Their talented team:
Coordinator: Yesika Lavyn-Grose
Flowers: Mfg Designs
Hair and Makeup: Domenica beauty


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